WP user


** be aware that you are responsible for any material/information uploaded **

WP screen

WP has two editing modes, use VISUAL (wysiwyg) when you can, if you find it adding spaces etc, use TEXT mode (raw html). To force adding spaces, can add <br>  (break) in TEXT mode

Users, access levels, logging


you can change your profile picture


logging has been activated to manage the changes made on this multi-user site, that way any mistakes can be easily fixed

Pages vs Posts

Pages are the main menu items of a site normally built by the creator, Posts are content which is usually added by users and can have a CATEGORY (pages cannot)

Create a post


WP – Posts – Add New


WP – +New – Post

then when ready to publish, click PUBLISH first time, or UPDATE

any changes made will be lost unless UPDATE is pressed
you will always have a warning if navigating away from unsaved page

Uploading Files

** be aware that you are responsible for any material/information uploaded **

Upload files:
WP – Media – Add New

If you are inside a PAGE/POST and click Add Media, this shows the files already uploaded and available to put in your page. if you want to upload from your hard drive, click the Upload Files tab

** select media category after uploading, then library is organised (enhanced media library plugin)**

Media Library:
WP – Media – Media Library

this shows all the files which are already uploaded to the site. you can reuse them any number of times


It is better to convert WORD documents, instead of uploading. when you create a page or post, at the bottom of the page use the Mammoth .docx converter button to insert Microsoft Word documents into your webpage.

Pictures must be public domain

only select pictures for which MOH has the copyright permission, or use free public domain images from sites like:


Creating a Division News entry

you can create a news item by following these steps:

  1. log into website, bottom right of home page
  2. create a POST, and make it category DIVISION NEWS
  3. finish filling out the title and content of your news item, and click publish
  4. you should now see it in the Division News section of the home page

Design Advice

Formatting and Shortcuts

this is a preformatted block
access by selecting text and changing dropdown from PARAGRAPH to PREFORMATTED

this is blockquote

format, alt-shift-q


heading2 alt-shift-2

heading1 alt-shift-1

normal alt-shift-7

Formatting Shortcuts while using visual editor (Since Version 4.3)

## H2 (alt-shift-2)           normal text (alt-shift-7)
### H3 (alt-shift-3)
> transform text into blockquote  (alt-shift-q)

Use one H1 heading per page, don’t go below H3

If you want to underscore central ideas or passages, us bold (Ctrl+B), italics (Ctrl+I), blockquote (Alt+Shit+Q), preformatted text (dropdown change paragraph to preformatted) or add additional styles to the editor. Don’t use headings!

Avoid tables

  • avoid tables unless you have to, in general they resize poorly
  • instead use bold titles with bullet lists

Compress Files

PDF use pdf reader:

  1. File —  Print — select printer “Pdf Complete”
  2. in Properties, set to 150 dpi
  3. in Advanced unset “Print to Image”
  4. click print
  5. in PDf Complete dialog, tab Optimize — select “Lower quality for web” — set “Optimize for quick web viewing”–unset “embed all used fonts”
  6. double check all pages to make sure readable
if PDF file size is over 3-5MB it should be compressed


  • right click on image file — Open with — select PAINT
  • resize – reduce horizontal pixels to 2000 or 1000, keep maintain aspect ratio checked.
  • save as 
    JPG for photos (faces, scenery) 
    PNG for graphics (straight lines, diagrams, logos)

ICONS (Font Awesome)

the plugins AGP Font Awesome Collection and Font Awesome 4 Menus let you add these icons to Menu items, or within pages

Final Challenge!!

  1. create a PAGE with your name as the title
  2. set the Category to “news”
  3. submit the PAGE
  4. upload a public domain picture you like to the post
  5. set featured image of post to be another public domain picture (bottom right is where you set featured image)
  6. upload a PDF file (check if it is over 3 MB, compress it first)
  7. change the displayed name of the PDF you just uploaded, without changing the link
  9. insert a converted MS Word document to your page using the MAMMOTH  button down the bottom see here
  10. create a news item and publish it see here

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